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Every driveway gate owner can benefit from these easy tips from our professional technicians. Learn how to take better care of your system and identify signs of trouble before they get out of hand.

Invest in a modern intercom system

Intercom systems are great not only for large gated communities, office and apartment buildings. Schools and commercial establishments that see a lot of foot or vehicle traffic can also benefit from such a system, as well as normal residential properties. An intercom system allows you to communicate with the person or persons waiting outside your driveway gate and to choose whether or not to let them in remotely. This is a great time saver, not to mention, an excellent security feature. If you're looking for a state of the art phone entry system, our experts will happily present you with the best options available today.

Consider all the factors before choosing a new driveway gate

Before buying a fancy new automatic gate there are many points you need to take into consideration. The weight and size of the system will directly determine how much it will cost, as well as how powerful the electric opener will need to be. The material determines how much maintenance will be required, as well as how durable the gate will actually be. There are also all sorts of extra features that are worth considering, like wireless intercom systems and back up opener batteries that allow your gate to stay automated for several hours during power outages. All of these will influence the overall price as well as how convenient your new system will be to use, so don't neglect to think about any of them. For more information, consult with our experts. Our team will make sure you end up making an informed decision.

Know the rules you need to adhere to

Surprisingly, you cannot simply build any kind of gate you want for your property. Homeowners are expected to follow a set of restrictions as specified by local municipality law. These restrictions include specifications like the gate’s height and location, and every homeowner is expected to follow them. Check the restrictions in your area before you begin, so that you won’t have to deal with any kind of trouble. Alternatively, you can simply seek the help of professionals (like us!) to ensure your new driveway gate is up to code.

Keep your family safe around your automatic sliding gate

Make sure that there is enough room behind the sliding gate so that nobody can get trapped or hit by it. As soon as you have this type of system installed on your property teach your children not to touch it or play on it or around it. While it should have safety sensors that allow it to detect obstacles, these components can malfunction, so you need to treat the system with the proper level of caution. If for any reason you think that your system may be unsafe to use, call one of our professionals to seek further advice.

The main benefits of a wrought iron gate

Wrought iron is a very durable material which means that these gates can help keep burglars and animals out. Wrought iron is usually also carefully detailed and this means that you, as the property owner, can have a custom made gate which will look as ornate and beautiful as you like. This can add value and curb appeal to your property.


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